Monday, 24 June 2013

Nail Bar

Save on the salon and nail the trends with our one stop nail shop.

The nail art got to a new level, speedy strips to wrap your nail in 3 easy to apply steps.


Fancy and fashionable fingertips, get on trend with stylish artwork that makes a statement and be the first to show off the season’s graphic trends.

To make your nails perfect prep them before applying the strips with a easy to use and effective 4 in 1 nail tool. Comes with flat emery to shape your nails, buffer attachment to polishes to a natural shine, stone to smooth thick nail and rippled surfaces and metal point to shape nail and help remove dead skin.

4 in 1 nail tool



This nail tool is only £5 when you spend £10 or more on make-up pages 4-21 and 40-67.

All nail polishes are HALF PRICE, ONLY £3 EACH


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